Snehan Karma (Oleation)

Snehan implies oleation of the body and is described as one of the important Purvakarma (precursor) to Panchkarma. As Vata Dosha (Dhatukshayjanya) gets pacified by Sneh (oleation), this therapeutic procedure includes lubrication of body chiefly with medicated oil. As per the patients’ requirement, Snehan is classified as Abhyantar Snehan (Internal oleation) and Bahya Snehan (Outer oleation). To understand the pacification of pain by Bahya Snehan, we need to understand the role of Til Tail (Sesame Oil) and Neuro-hormonal effects within the body due to Bahya Snehan. Til Tail is considered the best among Sthavar Sneha (Oil derived from Plant source), and also used as base for preparations of various medicated oil, as sesame seeds has strong vitamin E activity and helps in regulation of eicosanoids that cause inflammation (production of good eicosanoids from omega 3 essential fatty acids which inhibits inflammation).16 Neuro-hormonal effects due to Bahya Snehan has been established, stating that massage increases levels of Dopamine, increases availability of serotonin, may elevate epinephrine (adrenaline) and release of endorphins. (Research conducted at TOUCH Research Insti tute at the University of Miami). All these neuro-hormones alter brain chemistry which in turn reduces response to pain sensation.

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