Pizhichil is a type of Ayurvedic treatment procedure or sudation therapy developed by the Ayurvedic vaidyas of Kerala, especially for treating the Kings. Better known as the treatment for aristocrats, it is famous for the safe and easiness in administration, as well the rejuvenating and soothing benefits it offers your body. The word meaning of Pizhichil in local language literally means “squeezing”. Pizhichil is done by pouring lukewarm medicated oils continuously to the whole body with simultaneous soft massage. Two to four trained therapists under the supervision of a physician perform the treatment in a synchronized pattern.The best place to experience this treatment procedure is Kerala where traditional Ayurvedic physicians offer their valuable expertise. Pizhichil thus keeps an outstanding position among all the Ayurvedic treatments exhibiting such marvelous features. Ayurveda – a boon to human health, provides exceptional treatments for all diseases which are completely scientific. For those who are looking for authentic Ayurvedic therapy in Kerala, Sanjeevanam Ayurveda center is the best choice. Sanjeevanam has been utilizing the complete essence of Ayurveda to meet the contemporary needs of people.

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