Elder care

‘Jara chikitsa’ is an ancient subject being studied since thousands of years as a part of. Ayurveda is basically divided and studied under eight main branches – Kaya, Bala, Grah,  Urdhwanga, Shalya, Danshtra, Jara, Vrisha. They correspond to the subjects dealing with Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychological and mental disorders, ENT ophthalmology and dentistry, Surgery, Toxicology, Geriatrics and gerontology and Reproduction related disorders respectively. So, Geriatrics and Gerontology was a full-fledged branch of the Indian traditional medical science  that was studied by specialists  and scholars in ancient times i.e. about 5000 years ago.  Ayurveda  has  considered  the  process  of  ageing  and  the  stage  of  old  age  to  be ‘swabhavik’ meaning ‘natural’. Senescence  occurring at chronologically right time that is the ‘Kalaj  Jara’  is  inevitable  (Nishpratikaarya) Conditions like hunger, thirst, senescence (old age), sleep, death etc. all are the result of power of time and nature (Kaal krit and Swabhavik). So they can only be maintained. They cannot be destroyed. We cannot get rid of them. Eating, drinking, administering rasayana, sleeping and leaving this world quietly are the deeds that can be done to manage the above said conditions.

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