Bastikarma (Ayurvedic Enema Therapy)

It is one of the chief therapeutic procedures of Panchkarma in which the drugs are administered into the rectum of the patient. It is multidimensional treatment procedure offering wide range of clinical benefits in different diseases due to its synergistic effects. Sensation of Pain is attributed to vitiated Vata Dosha and in order to correct this doshic imbalance Basti is the chief treatment of choice as origin of Vata Dosha is from Pakwashay and hence, described Ardhachikitsa (as treatment of choice for numerous diseases) in Charak Samhita Probable mode of action of Basti and mediation in Pain management is that the rectum has rich blood and lymph supply and the drugs can cross the rectal mucosa like other lipid membrane. The unionized and lipid soluble substances are readily absorbed from the rectal mucosa. This is because short chain fatty acids are more water soluble and allows direct diffusion from epithelial cells into the capillary blood of the villi. It is proposed that Basti has a feature to regulate sympathetic activity, thereby, balancing the autonomic nervous system. Hypothalamus- Pituitary-Adrenal axis (HPA) gets activated with the visceral afferent stimulation, involving the release of neurotransmitters from adrenal gland called cortisol, a neuroendocrine hormone, acts as a potent anti-inflammatory systemically.

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